Classic. Timeless. Always.


I think tortoise earrings are classic and timeless. They can be paired with an outfit for a business meeting or a night out and have the same effect. Straight classic! These earrings are Kate Spade and you can purchase here


Ahhhhh, the classic black blazer. We can call it LBB (Little Black Blazer). This can be paired with jeans and a white tee or button down, skirt or pants for a business meeting or even paired with a dress. Investing in a good black blazer is definitely worth it! Anything I can mix + match and wear with multiple items is a win in my closet! You can purchase this TOPSHOP blazer here.


Denim, it never goes out of style. Denim is always in. I feel like every year they "reinvent" denim. So maybe they add embellsihments, add a zipper at the ankles or add strategic holes. In the end, its still denim in its rawest form. The great thing about denim is there are so many types and washes. You can make it work however you want and that's beautiful to me. Here are some of my favorites here and here.


What is more classic than a white blouse??? Hmmmm...what can I do with it? There are really like a million options. I think my favorite would be with jeans and a blazer, a bold blazer. Think a bright red or radiant purple. Here and here are some options for white shirts. 


I'm obsessed with pumps especially a black patent pump. It will elevate any outfit real quick. Think white tee knotted, high rise skinny jeans and a black patent pump. So hot without showing a drop of skin. I love it!!!!! I had a patent pump back in 2000 and wore them until they fell apart. Brought a new pair a few years ago and still rocking them. I will tell you every time I wear them compliment after compliment. If you don't own a pair, get you one quick! Here and here are some options. 

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