Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018.

Today, I'm writing a super emotional post and I hope it helps to encourage y'all. As we enter into 2018, I naturally looked back at my goals for 2017 and was so disappointed to realize I hadn't met any of my goals. For the first time in my life, I literally hadn't accomplished anything in a years time. I was left feeling pretty low and just replaying the whole year in my mind in disbelief. How could I? A borderline perfectionist, always accomplish every task, calculate all possibilities not accomplish a single goal on my list. And, these goals weren't "reach" goals either. I had set quite attainable goals for myself. As I sat in my room and continued to lament about how this happened. I realized something, something I've been trying to do when things don't go as I plan. Be Grateful! Be grateful, I told myself. Be grateful to see 2018, because so many did not including my late husband. Be grateful for your health and roof over your head. So many times we take for granted the blessings God has given us. So, with that new perspective I thought about my 2017 in a different way. I thought about all the things God kept me from, his protection throughout the whole year. I thought about the blessings he gave me such as meeting an incredible man that I love so much when I thought that would never be possible for me. I had basically decided to live as a hermit, just me and my daughter LOL. So, no I didn't accomplish the goals I set out to in 2017 but the blessings God gave me far outweigh the goals I set. My relationship with God is, of course, always growing but it's so good right now and it's because I had no choice but to lean on him this past year. I wouldn't change that for anything. This was important for me to share with you all to know that sometimes life doesn't go as we plan it, sometimes we have to just be patient and be still. But, after every storm there is a rainbow and in the midst of a storm there are still blessings. Be encouraged in 2018, be grateful for everything and stay the course. You will see God's blessings manifest in your life. 

I'm so thankful and grateful for each of you who read my posts and follow me on Instagram. I hope that I not only show you fashion but also encourage you. Here's to 2018!!!!!! May it be your best year yet :)

xx -LB