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I love makeup and beauty products as much as I love clothes and shoes, although I could benefit from watching some makeup tutorials, LOL. The things you can do with makeup is pretty awesome. Lately, I've been obsessed with flesh tone colors but I must admit I do love a dramatic look ever so often. I  picked some of my favorite beauty products which make me feel great and really transform any outfit. I would love to know your go to beauty products?? Leave me a comment below. 

MAC Cosmetics - Who doesn't love MAC? I know every time I go, the lines are so long! Most of my cosmetics bag is full of MAC. I love the range of the color palette and that all skin tones are able to find something amazing that highlights their beautiful skin. I use the concealer, which does a great job at guess what? Concealing! I then put on the Studio Fix Foundation which is powder based and provides perfect coverage without feeling heavy. I love this nude colored lipstick called Fresh Brew. I think it could really work for anybody looking for just a touch of lip color but in an understated way. Lastly, this amazing eye color set. So, I never knew until I saw my friends that you can create your own eyeshadow kit at MAC. How cool is that? It's just absolutely amazing. I had so much fun putting together one full of flesh tone eyeshadows and a couple of darker dramatic colors. You can buy a kit with 4, 6 or 9 eyeshadow slots. So fun! Check out all MAC products here

Trish McEvoy - So you know you can go thru no lie like 20 different type of mascaras before you find one that works for you. You have to take into account the length and thickness of your natural lashes and try to find the mascara that compliments them best. I know people who use multiple mascaras, one for lengthening, volume, etc. I happened to stumble across this Trish McEvoy High Definition mascara at Nordstrom's (my favorite place to buy my beauty products, love their customer service!). I literally haven't used another mascara since the day I found it. It lengthens, gives me some definition and the best part is the takeoff. No one has time to spend hours using different techniques to make sure your mascara is completely off. With Trish, I literally wipe once and it flakes off. It looks like your eyelashes are falling but they aren't, its just the mascara. This literally shaves minutes off my nightly beauty wash off. You can order one here from Nordstrom's and of course they have free shipping. Oh, how I love Nordstrom's!!!!!

Bobbi Brown - Bobbi Brown is literally synonymous with makeup and beauty. I love all the products. I especially love the blush. It lasts forever and really gives you a pop of color in a way that is only noticed as a completing touch to your face. Check it out here.  

Eyeliner - So, I must admit I get my eyeliner for $1.00 and no more than $1.99 from the Beauty Supply Store. I mean you have to cut costs somewhere because makeup is expensive!!!! I go big on my mascara and foundation because that is the base and the rest is just for highlighting purposes. I find a color I like in MAC, snap a picture and match it up at the Beauty Supply Store. I have always been able to find the color I'm looking for because they have a HUGE selection. 

TOM FORD - The name says it all, I mean Jay Z wrote a song about him! I think people might be sleeping on this perfume or it could be because of the price point. At $225, it is a bit expensive but I honestly think its worth it. The first time I sprayed it at Nordstrom's (of course), I lost my balance. The smell just overtook me in the most pleasant way. It was so soft, sweet, flowery all at the same time. Just enough of the scent exuded from my arm to not be overwhelming. You can purchase here but I would suggest going to the store to try it on. TOM FORD has fragrance for women and men. Happy Smells!

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xx - LB

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