Gym Bag Essentials

As we kickoff 2017, I know a lot of people plan to start working out. My best friend suggested I do a post on gym bag essentials. Aren't best friends just the BEST!! Check out my list of some gym bag essentials. Let's go!

1. Music/Book - Taking your iPod or a book to the gym is a perfect way for your workout to fly by without thinking about how much your legs are hurting on the treadmill!!

2. Water Bottle - Water is literally essential to life. So, of course you need to stay hydrated while working out. I love this stylish water bottle by Swell. Check out the link.




3. Sneakers - Cute + Comfy sneakers are the perfect combination. Make sure you invest in a good pair, its important for not only the productivity of your workout but your legs will thank you. Check out some at


4. Toiletries - I love this cute bag that has all the essentials you need to freshen up after your workout. 

5. Towel - A towel can be used to clean machines and if you tend to sweat. Bring two! 

6. Sleek & Functional Workout Gear - I love the PINK line of active gear. It's stylish yet you can get a good workout in. Click the link to see all the styles.

7. Snack - Just as important as hydration is also keeping your energy up with a quick snack after working out. Try a banana or a protein bar. 

8. Knee Brace - This is optional. But, if you are anything like me, it might be a good thing to keep in your bag, just in case!

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