Goal Check

I'm sure most everyone had some goals, intentions and resolutions for 2017. Isn't just crazy how sometimes life moves so fast that everything we intended or wanted to do gets put to the side or forgotten?? So, I thought I would do a goal check blog post. I feel that accountability is one of the driving forces between getting things accomplished and staying on task. I personally know if I have shared my goals with my friend, parent or spouse. When they ask me about that goal, I want to make sure I have a concrete answer for them, whether its completed or 65% of the way complete. I don't want to be left standing with my mouth open with no progress made. I will share with you, I just look at my goal list and ya'll I have two things that are left undone that I wanted to complete by the end of January. I guess I could pull an all nighter LOL. I am not going to beat myself up but I will continue to strive to meet those goals. How is everyone doing? Do you feel like you are accomplishing meeting your goals so far? I would love to know. Leave a comment below.

In the picture I have some things I use to create my goals. A monthly calendar because I am trying to celebrate small victories so I can deal with planning for a month. A pen for obvious reasons and a little inspirational book because who doesn't need some inspiration :)

Thanks for reading everyone and happy dreams. xx -LB