Accomplishing Goals: A New Perspective

Ok, so it happens every year. A new year starts and you write down, type out or memorize all these goals you hope to accomplish during the year. Usually, you accomplish some goals, hopefully all or none at all. Read my previous post here. This year I decided to do my goals differently. After not accomplishing any of my goals last year and feeling so bad about it. I thought, I definitely want to have goals and something to strive for but I also don't want to create any more stress or pressure in my life. I usually set a goal and then have sub goals under the main goal. My goals usually look like this:

Goal 1: Purchase a new car

a. Save 10% a month towards new car

b. Find a part time job to make $100 extra a month

Goal 2: Spend more time reading 

a. Get up 30 minutes early

b. Join a book club

You get my point. I have one goal and then break it down so it's more attainable. You know celebrate the small victories. Well, for 2018 I decided that I have 3 goals I want to accomplish. Yes, only 3!! Not that I might not accomplish more but I had to take a look at what was really important and how I want to spend my time. I also decided not to have any sub goals. After feeling so low about my 2017, it came to me to just for once have open goals with no exact way on how I was going to accomplish them. Talk about a reduction of stress and pressure!!!! So, this year I am open to what God has for me and how he wills and directs my path to accomplish my goals. It is a bit scary for me because I love a plan but I am also soooo excited to leave it in God's hands and watch him work and move in my life.    

I just want to encourage everyone to follow God's path for your life. It could look different than someone else's but that's because it is YOUR path!! All the things I have read tell you to set a goal and then smaller goals as a way to reach your main goal. That can definitely work but this year I've got a new perspective and I'm rocking with God. 

xx -LB