6 Things to do on Sunday for a Successful Week

Today's post I am talking about 6 things to do on Sunday to have a great week. I decided months ago to start observing the Sabbath in its truest form and not labor. It doesn't aways happen every Sunday, because sometimes you just have things to do after working all week but it has been one of the best things for my life and sanity!!!

Try out these 6 tips and I would love to know if its helpful to you! 



We live in such a busy world between work, family and other obligations it can sometimes feel like you have 0 time for yourself. Somehow we have to make time to decompress and relax even if it's for 30 minutes a day. I love naps so for me getting even a 20 minute nap in does wonders for me. Start small with 30  minutes a day and then build up to having a least a half day each week where you can just relax. I guarantee you will be better at all your other obligations because you will be rested, relaxed and more focused. 



This  one is huge for starting your week off great. Taking even 20 minutes on a Sunday afternoon to tidy up will change your life. Imagine waking up on Monday for work and everything is in its place and you can get dressed and go. That can happen if you take some time on Sunday to orchestrate it. I do a major cleaning early Saturday morning so the rest of the week really is just picking up here and there. On Sundays, I have been trying to make sure all my clothes are hung up in their right places (yea I was struggling with this LOL), shoes are in their area and brushes, combs, etc are in their place in the bathroom. Try it!


This is key for me! This is how I get out of the house on time most mornings (I try for every morning!). In my head I know what I am wearing for the entire week. I usually start thinking on Saturdays what I want to wear for the week. I factor in if I have any events or activities for that week. On Sunday, I finish planning out my outfits including what shoes and accessories. So no waking up and going through my closet,  throwing clothes on my bed and leaving more clutter!!!!



Being organized before your week begins will reduce stress and give you a little extra time. By organize I mean overall. Think about on Sunday what you have going on for the week. Do you have to work late one night? Does your child have a midweek soccer game? Take a few moments to know what you have going on so you can plan and organize your time. This can be done using a planner, cork board or white board. Click here and here for some samples. You will be amazed at how knowing whats going will make your week smooth. Of course, things always come up but if you practice this weekly you will find you are much happier (because that stress is gone!).



I feel like meal planning has become huge in the past few years. I have seen guides for it and even cute trackers in Anthropologie. Click here and here to purchase. Isn't it the worse when you are driving home after working ALL day and you are trying to figure out what you are making for dinner. Deep *sigh*. Planning your meals in advance helps reduce those signs. If you plan everything on Sunday you already know each day what you are having and have all the ingredients you need. Because after dealing with a sometimes long commute nobody wants to stop at the grocery store!



Pray everyday! I pray when I wake, when I go to sleep and all through the day. Praying doesn't mean everything will be perfect or nothing will happen but what it does is give you a tool to combat anything that might come your way. Knowing that God will take care of you gives you a peace that no one can take. Personally, having peace of mind is probably on the top 3 things of what will make your life satisfying.