25 things....

Today, I'm sharing 25 things you didn't know about me. I hope you all enjoy this post and let me know if you learned something that surprised you. 

1. I love and believe in God.

2. My family is everything to me. I would die for them.

3. I drive with two feet. Weird, I know.

4. I'm 5'2" but I live in heels so you would never know.

5. At age 31, I become a widow and a mommy.

6. I'm obsessed with dates. I never forget a birthday.

7. I started this blog in the summer of 2016 on my late husband's birthday. See #6 for my obsession with the significance of dates. 

8. My favorite time of year is Summer.

9. I love to travel and I always eat at a cute local place in any new city/town.

10. My favorite thing to do is be with my family but shopping is a close second.

11. My favorite day of the week is Sunday.

12. I love to help people and give them hope.

13. My favorite movie is Baby Boy. I literally know every line.

14. My parents met in middle school and have been married for 38 years. Best example!

15. I have two brothers so I sign every card to my parents "your one and only daughter."

16. My dad taught me to drive when I was 8 years old.

17. I went to private school my entire life.

18. I love nail polish and change my color weekly.

19. The best present a guy can give me is a handwritten letter.

20. I'm obsessed with having exact change.

21. My favorite accessory is earrings.

22. My favorite numbers are 12 and 14, my wedding anniversary date.

23. I have one tattoo, in honor of my late husband.

24. I have no middle name but I kept my maiden name so I would finally be able to do a monogram!

25. I love being in love.