Cleaning Out Your Closet: 7 Must Do's

Cleaning out your closet doesn't have to be a complete hassle.  It can be fun in the way that you are making space for new items and you always feel more put together when you are organized!  Below are 7 must do's when cleaning out your closet. When you are going through each item, if you answer no to any of these questions, then you should think about donating or selling that item. Happy Cleaning!

  1. Does this fit?
  2. Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
  3. Is it likely I will ever wear this again?
  4. Is this currently in style or does this still represent my style?
  5. If this is damaged in any way (e.g. broken zippers, fading, etc.), will I make the effort to get it repaired in the near future?
  6. If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?
  7. Do I feel confident when I wear this?