5 Awesome Activities: To Pass the Time During a Hurricane

1. Game Day/Night: Find your inner child and pull out the board games. You never realize just how much fun it is until you start playing. Pictionary anyone? 


2. Read a Book: How rare is it to have 24-36 hours of absolutely nothing to do? No work, no stores open and no power???? Perfect time to pick up the book you brought months ago and have been procrastinating since that moment on starting. Go get lost in that story or if it's nonfiction, believe their truth!


3. Clean out your Closet (see previous blog post): Get your hustle on and find some old clothes in great condition you can either sell or donate!


4. Sleep: Again when do you have 24-36 free hours??????? Like, never. Take advantage and catch up on all the sleep you have missed just trying to meet the multiple demands we have in life.


5. Create: A Vision Board or Write Your Goals Down: Now with undisturbed time, you can really think about what your purpose is and how to get your life to a point that you are living your purpose. Life is so fulfilling when you are truly living your purpose.