Cutest OTS Ruffle Top

Did ya'll survive Black Friday? I went out late Thursday/early Friday morning and again on Saturday. Saturday really was the calm after the storm. The stores were fairly empty, of course everything was picked over but I was able to find a few good deals like this awesome OTS ruffle top I got for $4 at H&M. Such an amazing deal. I just grabbed it and didn't try it on. It fits better than I thought it would. I'm definitely going to be able to wear it with jeans, pants or tucked in with a skirt.

Saturday was Small Business Saturday which I think is a great thing. I supported many local businesses along with a ton of my favorite boutiques online. I felt so good being able to show my support for others. 

Let me know in the comments below what great deals y'all found during Black Friday weekend and if y'all participated in Small Business Saturday.

xx -LB 

Top (sold out): H&M

Top (sold out): H&M