Peace: Available to All

Today would be the 4th wedding anniversary for my late husband and I. How very special. I choose today to celebrate our love, remember what an amazing man he was and continue to raise our incredible child. God has given me peace and funny I never truly understood how someone could have peace in a tragic situation until now. I am completely at peace and I know my late husband is in heaven. It was important for me to take a moment and remember not only for myself but also for everyone who reads this blog. I want you to know that no matter what you can get thru anything and you can have peace too! I haven't shared the very tragic details of my late husband's passing, how very young our child was, that we were newlyweds or just how hateful family can be but I will one day. Until then, just know this could have broke me. This could have really been something I wasn't able to get over. But then again, God stepped in, picked me up and surrounded me with love. One of the reasons, I started this blog was not only because fashion has always been my day one but because it was something my late husband encouraged me to do. I so wish he could be here to see it come to fruition but this is my journey. I toiled for years before starting this blog. But, then I started thinking how we never know the moment we are going to breathe our last breath. Sometimes we have to step out on faith and know the seed that God has planted in our heart will come to pass as long as we stay steadfast in the Word of God. Never let anyone tell you, you can't do something no matter the circumstances. If you ever need encouragement, I will be happy to be in your corner. Thank you all so much for reading and rolling with me on this journey of incredible style inspiration, silly antidotes and real life happenings.