Rust Chunky Sweater + All Black

Today I want to talk about this amazing sweater and how I finally found the perfect hat. I love a chunky sweater and this one from Goodnight Macaroon does not disappoint. It has just enough weight so it's not too heavy but you will still feel warm and toasty on a cold day. This sweater is currently on sale for $27!!! Click the link below to check it out. There are also other super cute sweaters on the site and everything is 30% off.

As I was walking out of the Banana Republic Factory store this hat caught my eye so I turned around to check it out. The sign saying it was 60% off was exciting and I knew when I tried it on I had finally found a hat that looked good on me. I have been trying for years to find a hat I could rock. Maybe it was the chunky sweater, jeans and boots that made it look so good. Either way, I'm loving it.  

xx -LB