How To Keep Your New Year Goals

Isn't it crazy that on average 8% of people who make New Year goals keep them. I know we all have so many amazing things we would like to accomplish but sometimes life gets in the way. Below are 5 steps to keep you on track for the new year, so when 2018 (WOW! I can't even think about it being 2018) comes you are in that 8%!! I feel this question is so powerful: What will you accomplish today that will make you proud in a year? Let's not beat ourselves up because we missed a day or we didn't accomplish as much as we had hoped in a month. Keep pressing on and DO NOT GIVE UP! We have 365 days to make our goals. Let's go!! 

How To Keep Your New Year Goals

1. Make it Specific. How are you going to reach your goal if you don't have anything to measure it by? For example, a popular goal is to lose weight. But, what does that look like? 10, 15, 20 pounds? Make it specific. I am going to lose 25 pounds in a year by exercising 3 times a week and eating healthier.

2. Measure Progress. Using the losing weight example. Monthly you can do a weight check to see how you are doing. You can also use a food journal to keep track of what you are eating. This way it makes you accountable to yourself. Don't you love that????

3. Share your goals with friends and family. Accountability is so important. It helps with motivation to achieve your goals. When you know someone is watching you or they are questioning you about your progress, you definitely want to have good news to give them!! Tell your friends and family your goals and let them be a system of support and accountability. Hey, teamwork makes the dreamwork! 

4. Create a Schedule. This might seem time consuming but it doesn't have to be anything major. I have given you some links below for simple yet effective ways to create a schedule. This is also important for accountability. For some reason when you write things down, it becomes more than just saying you are going to do something. You feel responsible for getting it done. If you had a meeting at work scheduled on your calendar, you wouldn't miss it. So, treat your goals just like a meeting you have to attend. Put time on your calendar daily or every other day to work on something that helps you achieve your goal. Its amazing what small steps can lead to.

5. Do Not Give Up! This is probably the most important step. It should have been first LOL! No matter if you missed a day working on your goals or you pressed snooze on your alarm instead of getting up to work out, tomorrow is always a new day. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will all your goals be accomplished in a day. Just keep going and stay motivated. How amazing will it be at the end of the year when you have accomplished your goals! Anticipate it and get excited about it! You are going to do it!!

Give them something to talk about in 2017! Make those moves!

Welcome 2017 :)