7 Low Key Date Ideas

It's always fun to go out to a fancy place and get dressed up for a date. But, I think low key dates can be just as fun! Here are 7 ideas that are total fun and I would do in a heartbeat.

1. Day Date. I love a midday lunch or brunch with that special someone. It's especially great to do around major holidays because you miss the crowds and can actually enjoy the restaurant! Plus, lunch is usually cheaper than dinner!

2. Cooking Class. Cooking classes are so much fun! Not only will you get to cook some amazing food but you will be doing it with that special someone. What could be better? You will also learn classic techniques from seasoning to correct cooking tempature. Usually you get to eat the food you cook so its a win on all levels! 

3. Make a Meal at Home. This is a classic stay at home date idea. I like to kick it up a notch and make it really romantic. You can get dressed up, light candles and really make it special. You can cook a new meal together or cook an all time favorite. 

4. Picnic. I guess this might be kind of corny but I love an old school picnic. The classic picnic basket is a must! Along with a blanket, food, fresh squeezed lemonade and a yummy homemade dessert. Pack it all up and take it to your favorite park.

5. Movie Night. A movie night is a great low key idea. To completely unplug and watch movies all night is 100% awesome. I think it would be fun to pick a theme like horror, cheesy, comedy or romantic. 

6. Bowling. Bowling is fairly cheap activity but the ROI is 100 fold, LOL. I love bowling, its like healthy, fun competition. Going at night would be fun to do the cosmic bowling. It's bowling and a dance party all in one. But those shoes tho??

7. Game Night. When you haven't played games in awhile this is the ultimate great time. You could play dictionary, conversation cubes or any number of games. Again, fun competition and you just might learn new things about that special someone!

What are everyone's plans for Valentine's?

Thank you always for reading. xx -LB