Ladies Night Out + Speaking Engagement

I have a very special post today. I am so excited to be a style expert (my first speaking engagement!!!!!!!) for Ladies Night Out with Empowerment Resources, Inc (ERI).  Empowerment Resources provides programming for children and their parents that builds personal resiliency through education, awareness, and hands-on discovery. They have three signature programs: Journey Into Womanhood, Parenting Education and Life Skills. Each program encourages, educates and inspires youth and their support system. ERI does such amazing work with incredible, tangible results. It doesn’t hurt that the Executive Director is such an awesome advocate and one of my really good friends!

One of the most important things ERI does is promote the importance of inner beauty to young girls. When I think about when I was young, I remember struggling with self esteem. I cannot imagine 2017 with Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram and the crazy, unattainable social standards set for women. I believe it starts at a young age teaching our girls that outer beauty cannot compare to inner beauty. That whether you are wearing an outfit from Walmart or Versace that you have the same exact worth. That being an amazing person and citizen is something more valuable than a million “likes.” That stopping to help someone, smiling at a person who seems down or holding the door open for a mom with her stroller is no longer customary. I hope we can each take a moment every day and compliment and encourage one another, especially our young girls, because they need it now more than ever. 

Here are 3 tips to building inner beauty that will last a lifetime.

  1. Be thankful: Being thankful and grateful might not seem like a big deal but it is! When you live your life thankful just to be breathing, you begin not to sweat the small stuff. Try it for a week. Every time you feel like complaining or someone says something negative to you, tell yourself something you are thankful for. I guarantee you it will change how you are feeling at that moment.
  2. Develop your other interests: Instead of being glued to the mirror or worried about if someone thinks your pretty, think about your passions and ignite them! If you love to dance, enroll in a dance class or better yet…sign up to lead one. How amazing would that be? If your passion is playing the piano, take some lessons and nurture that skill. That little bit of self focus and developing your passion will immediately help you feel better about yourself. You will be so proud to show off your incredible talents!
  3. Stick with the people who love you (friends and family): Life can be extremely busy at times and we neglect to check in with our friends and family. Don’t! This is your lifeline. You always want to surround yourself with people who know your worth, love you just the way you are and can encourage you when you need it. 

"Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, you inner beauty will capture the heart." 

                                                                           - Steve Aitchison

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Thank you for reading. xx -LB.