At Home Valentine Date Ideas

Hey Everyone....see my previous posts for details on this outfit. Today, I want to talk about some at home date ideas for Valentine's. This year I am all about no stress so I'm so excited to be spending Valentine's at home with my love. I didn't really feel like going out to do anything so I'm glad he agreed. But, I still want it to be super special so this year we will be having a game night and making a quick and easy dinner. Below are 5 ideas you can do at home to celebrate that special someone in your life. I hope this gives you some good ideas so you can spend the day/night at home. xoxo.


This is one of my favorites because I love a picnic. This is super simple, decide what you want to eat, spread a blanket out in the living room and treat it just as you would if you were outdoors. You can hold each other and just appreciate the silence and "nature" sounds.


With how busy our lives are sometimes we don't have time to sit down and watch a complete movie. Make it a point to turn off all devices and watch movie after movie. You can even make it a themed movie night watching all romantic movies or all horror movies. Sometimes mindless activities can make for the perfect night. You can add some popcorn, nachos and candy just like if you were at the theatre!


You can do a home improvement project together such as paint a room or make a scrapbook. Keep this light and fun because this can go bad real quick!!!!


Create a mixtape of songs you both love so you can listen to it anywhere. When you listen to it you will always think of that person How sweet???!!!!!!??


Get dressed up and light lots of candles and make a yummy dinner. I love the ambiance of a nice restaurant but you can create the same atmosphere at home. Plus, you don't have to get in your car and drive anywhere.