2 Days in Dallas

Hey Everyone! About three weeks ago I went to Dallas for the first time and it was the first time I ever touched down in Texas, a place I've wanted to go since I was 17 years old. Crazy, that it took me 19 years to get there but it was soooooo worth it. I went with my love so it was extra fun. Today, I am going to talk about how to do Dallas/Fort Worth in two days. Honestly, not enough time but you can definitely get a good feel for the city. Personally, I know the moment I step in the city if I am feeling the vibe or not. I know, I'm a total weirdo LOL. Dallas was a lot different than I imagined. It is huge! I guess I didn't realize that it was a big city. It's population makes it the ninth largest city in the U.S. and third largest city in Texas. Who knew???? One thing really interesting about Dallas was it has so many outlining cities that seem completely sustainable as in some have headquartered corporations. From Irving (where the airport is) to Arlington, I feel like each city has their own vibe. Anyways, here we go. My report of Dallas and yes one day I want Texas to be my home. Just like the Texas song says, "Texas, Our Texas....." BTW....Everything is really bigger and better in Texas!!  

DAY 1:

As soon as we landed we headed to In - And - Out burger since we don't have those in Florida or the South at all. It is such a fun kind of nolgastic place. I got a total 60s vibe. I loved how they were wearing the old school paper hats. Another thing that caught my eye was how nice everyone was. They actually opened the door for us!! So cool. Of course, I had to have a burger and fries because ummmmmm that's what they are known for. So, not the best burger in the world but it was really good for $2.55. Those fries not my fav but that vanilla milkshake...YUM! For the price & atmosphere, I give In - And - Out Burger a 8 out of 10. I would definitely go back again. As I walked into the restaurant for the first time and saw the sign on the window that said now hiring 11.00 per hour I knew then the phrase was all truth. Everything really is bigger and better in Texas!!



Now that my stomach was full, I could really begin the day, well the rest of the day that was left, it was already about 1:30 pm. Next stop was checking out Downtown Dallas. One of the cool things I found when I was planning this trip was that all the art museums have free admission and a lot of other museums have no cost admission too! I thought that was neat. It is not that way in Jacksonville, FL. We checked out the African American Museum which had a lot of folk art and different exhibits from local to nationally known artists. One of the exhibits I loved was  a very historical one that included documents featuring when slaves were freed in Texas and showed the progression of becoming a freed slave to the first black person to graduate medical school. Also, it was interesting to me the original advertisements for meetings to discuss economical disparities and improvements, things we still as a country struggle with in 2018. The language on the flyers was intriguing to me as it sounds similar to words and phrases one might see on a flyer today. I really liked the museum and would recommend it as a addition to anyone's Dallas iteanrry.



I wish we had checked out some other museums but alas another time. After the African American Museum we headed to a cute area called West Village. A definite neighborhood vibe mixed in with shops and restaurants. There were some mainstream stores such as The Loft, J. Crew and Banana Republic but there were also a lot of smaller stores that had a good selection of items. There was also a good mix of restaurants and something for everyone's palette. Also, everyone was really nice. Must be that Southern hospitality! We ran into a man who talked a little too long to me but it was the day before the Super Bowl so everyone had their opinions. Overall, I could definitely see hanging out here if I lived in Dallas.





After a quick stop at the local Post Office (still gotta take care of business even out of town), we headed to the Northpark Center. The mall reminded me of an old school mall (exposed brick, low ceilings) with a new School feel. A really good mall with some fabulous stores. I always pop in Zara whenever I go out of town because we do not have one in Jacksonville, ugh!

Next stop was Neiman Marcus, the flagship store! Located in downtown Dallas on Main Street. Unfortunately, it was 5:40 pm when we got there and it closed at 6:00 pm. But the 20 minutes was worth it to see the vintage store. We met the nicest sales clerk who told us the history of the store and how the corporate offices were right above us with the CEO's office in the building too. How cool! The store was filled with unique artwork and ancient elevators. So fun to check it out. Wish we had more time there! Downtown Dallas is so super cute. Filled with great vibes, lots of restaurants, exceptional shopping and cool scenery. Definitely needed at least a half day there.


Since we were in the area we headed over to the site where JFK was assassinated, Dealey Plaza which was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1993. The Sixth Floor Museum was closed but we were able to see the exact location where it happened marked by X’s. History is so important for our future so it’s nice that this is something the city of Dallas recognizes and continues to keep going.
Nearby is the Reunion Tower which we didn’t get a chance to go to but I would recommend it if you have time. I’m all for 360 degree city views and eating at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant 50 floors high!


Such a long day so we headed back to the hotel to take a quick nap and head to Petes Dueling Piano bar. Well, we never made it there but I’m all for the good sleep we got!


DAY 2:

Started the morning off with church at 7:50 am. We went to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship under the leadership of Dr. Tony Evans. The church was great, reminded me of my church and I got a Word so I know I was supposed to be there that Sunday. Thank you Jesus for always leading and directing my path!

After church we went to my favorite part of the trip, the Stockyards in Fort Worth. They have a daily cattle drive at 11:30 am & 4:30 pm. It was so fun. The only thing was I thought they would be running down the street, lol. Just saying???!!!??? After the drive there was a gun show (I knew then we were definitely in Texas). The Stockyards was just the cutest with lots of shops and a few places to eat. I got all my Texas gear there and loved every minute of it. It felt authentically Texas to me!!


After leaving the Stockyards we headed to the Galleria mall because you know I have to check out every mall in every city. The mall was huge but the coolest thing was there was an ice skating rink in the mall. Can you believe it? If I didn’t have a skirt on, I would have been skating all day!


After the mall we headed back to the hotel since it was Super Bowl Sunday to get ready for the big game. The saddest thing of all is we fell asleep halfway thru the game but I did wake up to see the Eagles win!! 

The two days spent in Dallas was amazing. The entire vibe of the city is great but interesting. I love Fort Worth and plan on going back before Summer. I hope y’all enjoyed my quick recap of my Dallas trip and would love to hear the things you have done in Dallas or if you haven’t been, if my post makes you want to go.

Happy night to all. xx -LB