2018 Valentine's Gift Guide

Here is my Valentine's Day gift guide for 2018. It's kind of funny but I've never been into Valentine's Day. My parents were my Valentine's for the first 21 years of my life (until my first boyfriend at age 21). So, for some reason it has never been that important to me. But, I do love LOVE so I love all the cute things that come out around Valentine's. My guide has just 5 things because this is the year of not being overwhelmed or stressed. I think a nice card and a small token is so meaningful to the recipient. Happy Valentine's! Smooches.

Kate Spade Heels - Ok, how cute are these black sandals with a heart on the back?? Kate really did these shoes right. They are so classy looking. Perfect for a night out. Whether you are pairing them with a dress, jeans and a tee or a pleated skirt, the outcome will be the same, flawless. 

Tory Burch Heart Locket - More hearts. I mean it is Valentine's Day. Everything Tory does has a classic touch. I love the size of the heart. It stands out but not too much. 

Girls Support Girls Tee - Right now I'm loving graphic t-shirts. My only rule is it has to apply to me for me to wear it. Would I wear this??? Absolutely. I will support any girl or woman doing something positive.

Dreamers Become Doers Journal - I think we all have a special dream whether we share it with others or not. Deep down there is something amazing we want to do and this is the perfect journal to jot it down and then look at the outside and remember to put in the work to accomplish that dream!

Alexander Wang Bag - Give me studs and give me rose gold alllllll day! I love how simple yet fun this purse is. Classic on top and party on the bottom. The soft pebble leather will sustain the life of the purse with proper care. And for the price this costs, that is important!