Ya'll, talk about shutting it down on the final day of STAFW. Ummmm....that's exactly what happened last night. The fashions were incredible, the models were gorgeous and the atmosphere was lit. I wore a truly classic lace dress. This dress is 15 years old and still timeless. Added some patent heels and I was ready. But, now on to the fashions. I am going to spotlight three amazing designers that participated in the show last night. Sara LaPlante with Short Dog Jewelry Design, Erin Healy with Erin Healy Designs and Courtney Barrier and Naz Harounian with Naz and Court.

Short Dog Jewelry Design

We know that not only is the product itself important but what can be even more important is the presentation and the models Sara chose brought it on the runway. The music was on fire and the models came out jumping, jamming and dancing. Each model had a unique outfit on which went along with the uniqueness of the jewelry. As soon as I got home, I looked up the website for Short Dog Jewelry. I love it. It's so beautiful and different. I literally want every piece I saw! There is a Facebook and Etsy page. Be sure to check it out!!

Facebook Page: Click here.

Etsy Page: Click here.


Erin Healy Designs

There is a cool story behind Erin Healy Designs. It's like one of those dreams do come true stories! She is a self taught designer who has a studio in her home. She started by having trunk shows in her home and really took off when she was selected as a one of the top three in the Miami International Fashion Week's emerging designer competition. How cool is that? I really loved all of her designs shown at STAFW. The fabric and cuts just flow with your body. You can see right away the attention to detail and thought on fabric and pattern. I especially love this crazy print, off the shoulder dress with the high slit (ya'll know I love a slit). You can learn more about Erin and see her full collection here

Naz and Court

Straight out of LA, this is like the coolest brand going on right now. Naz and Court create modern apparel while being dedicated to using sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing. They were recently named "The Future" of fashion by United Nations Fashion fights poverty. If you are thinking that the collection can't possible be cute, you are wrong! The designs, fabric and look is on another level. You can tell each piece is curated for the individual who wants to stand out in a subtle way. I especially love the golden rod dress in the picture. A little sheer but hey if you got somewhere special to go, it's perfect! If you want to see more of Naz and Court click here.

WOW! So like I said the last night was incredible!! I am so honored to have been a part of Season 3 St. Augustine Fashion Week. I have met so many amazing people that I will be collaborating with in the future to bring even more fashion to ya'll. 

Thank you so much for reading!! I'm thankful for each person who clicks on a post and reads it. xx-LB