Easter 2018

So, March flew by and Easter is wayyyyyy too early this year. I usually have in my head what color, style, etc I want for my Easter dress. This year I decided I wanted a blush, a line type dress. It was so crazy, I scoured and googled so many different search terms and still couldn't find the type of dress I had in my mind. One thing that kept popping up was super cute bold red dresses! Since, this year I am being more simple to avoid unnecessary stress, I decided I wasn't looking for blush dresses anymore. I figured why not try a bold red dress. Its no pastel or "standard" Easter color but I knew the minute I tried the color on it was perfect! I have linked a few cute dresses below that are too perfect for Easter Sunday. Are you feeling the red? Let me know in the comments.

xx - LB


Dress:  Zara

Dress: Zara

Dress:  Ann Taylor

Dress: Ann Taylor

Dress:  Nordstrom

Dress: Nordstrom

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