For the Love of Lashes

Do you know the song by the O'Jays, For the Love of the Money? It talks about the length that people will go to get money, stealing from family and friends, etc.  Well....I feel that way about this amazing mascara by Trish McEnvoy.  This high volume mascara in jet black is literally everything.  It glides on so smooth and easy, taking every lash with it just perfectly. I usually coat the top of my lid and then apply to my top lashes.  I follow the same steps for my bottom lashes. When I'm done, my lashes feel so light not heavy at all. Yet, they have full volume, deep color and mood changing length. The best part is when you go to wash it off.  It falls right off your lashes with one wipe.  You don't have to worry about scrubbing hard or it being stuck on your lashes.  It makes it so easy when you are doing your nightly facial routine. I usually purchase the mascara from Nordstrom because I am obsessed with their amazing customer service and honestly going there just makes me feel good.