8 Tote Bag Essentials

This 8 essentials tote bag guide is perfect for a hot, sunny day in August!  This will work for a shopping trip to the mall or an 8 hour day at work.

1. Laptop: It seems like we always need to be ready 24/7. This 13" MacBook is the perfect.

2. Hand Santizer: Keep your favorite scent handy to keep that summer cold away.

3. Sunnies: No bag would be complete without a pair of sunnies to not only block the sun, but sometimes annoying people.

4. Lip Gloss: Always an essential, carrying lip gloss will always keep you fresh and ready.

5. Wallet: This one is easy.  No wallet, no money.

6. Flip Flops: I always keep a pair of flip flops because sometimes after an 8 hour day you are over your 4" heels.

7.  Journal: So many thoughts and ideas come when we are driving or just doing our normal routine.  Keep a journal handy to record those thoughts. Your path to making boss moves.

8. Bouquet of Flowers: Who doesn't love getting flowers? Carry these and drop them off to a friend or give them to a stranger.  It's always a great blessing to put a smile on someone's face.