Stripes + Ruffles

Is this not the cutest ruffle, striped dress! Blue and white stripes are everywhere right now. And, I just keep buying more and more dresses with them. I'm pretty excited to tell y'all where this dress is from. It's from the website Shein. Have y'all heard of it? Yes, it's that shady Chinese website that you just don't know about but has the cutest clothes at next to nothing prices. I have always wanted to order something but was kind of scared. I mean I don't want someone getting a hold of my bank account, ummmmm, I need my money. I'm happy to say I tried it out after checking with a blogger that I follow. She's super trustworthy so I took her word. I ordered two dresses including this one. Most people say it takes 3 weeks to receive your items. Well, I received mine in 10 days. So, that was exciting. Now of course with the price being so low you know the quality is not let's say Nordstrom quality but I really have no complaints about the dresses I purchased. Check out the tips below I suggest if you chose to order from Shein.

1. Use a credit card. Just in case anything does happen it's not your immediate money and you can work with the bank to refund any fraudulent charges back to your credit card. 

2. Read the reviews for any item you choose to purchase. I have found them to be a good representation of the product from quality, look on arrival, etc.

3. Go with your gut. If something just doesn't seem right, do not proceed. 

I hope everyone has a great night and wonderful week. Can y'all believe we are 8 months into 2017?? WOW!!!

xx -LB

Dress:  Shein  Sneakers:  Old Navy  Belt (old): J. Crew 

Dress: Shein Sneakers: Old Navy Belt (old): J. Crew