Healthy Hair Makes Fashion Even Better

The health of your hair starts from within and is super important.  I love making homemade moisturizers, daily spritzes for dryness, shampoo and conditioner.  This particular collection of items is for a daily moisturizing spray. I mix all the ingredients below together, shake and then spritz every other day.  It keeps my hair, moisturized and provides shine.  The best thing is it is made with all natural and organic products!!!!!  Try it for a week on your hair and I know you will see a difference.  Leave a comment and let me know your results! 

Pure Aloe: The brand doesn't matter as much as the ingredients listed on the back. You have to read carefully.  A lot of products said it is "all-natural" but it really isn't.  If it 100% Aloe all it should have in it is Aloe Vera juice!  No chemicals at ALL!

Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E is awesome.  For hair, it helps with split ends and damaged follicles.  It conditions leaving your hair healthier and shiny.  You can also you it as a mask for your hair adding coconut oil (which I swear by) massaging in and leaving on for 30 minutes then wash out.

Jojoba Oil: This oil strengthens hair follicles from within and can be used to help dry scalp issues.

Aragon Oil: Improves damaged hair and the texture of your hair.  Best part of all, you can use this oil to moisturize your skin and it also has nutrition benefits.

Water: Ahhhh...water, works for EVERYTHING.  It's the great nuetralizer.

I mix all of these ingredients into a water bottle shake and apply every day or every other day depending on your hair needs.

Get it!